Why you should have a page in internet

Some of my friends ask about, “Why I make a lot of page in internet?”. They ask about this cause want to make a page but confuse how to start and why make make in internet.

My answer is simple. “Because I want to”.

Now, if you working with computer and your smartphone, always you touch internet. You write someting in social media like facebook, whatsapp, telegram, line, BBM, path, google plus,twitter, instagram or what ever social media. You are not aware that you have made a page. Only comment. That is a single page. little work but it is single page.

Why you always comment? Just in my mine, sometime comment is only a word. I want to make more than comment, so people know what I think and what is in my mind.

So, I starting to make a blog. Ten years a go I make my first blog. write and write. And now some of them gone. But some still in internet. people can read my idea. They can use its. And may be can be a great idea in the future.

Now, smartphone is the amazing tools. You don’t need to be on your desk to write some of your idea. You can take a picture and make a video from that smart tools.

What is the best place to make a page. Until now, I think about google blogger facility. Cause if you have smartphone this model integrated with tour gmail android system. Yes, I use android as my favorite tools. Daily I can write in note. Editing and if I think that article will be usable for people I will upload in one of my blog. I chose the right category same idea with the specific blog.

My advice, try make a page on internet for your idea and write someting usable for other people. May be some day your idea will be come true and help other people.

Let’s start your page on internet.

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