No Credit Card is No problem for verified paypal member in Indonesia

There are a lot off people want to make business on internet. Paypal is good banking system to starting a business on internet. Some people get a problem when want to widthdraw to local bank their money. What happend? cause they paypal not verified. To get verified, you must have Credit card number with your real name. We know it is difficult to get a CC (Credit Card / Kartu Kredit). Cause CC have straight system to get a member of CC. You must have a stable income and trusting home base and etc.
All aplication on local bank to get CC not always approve. So, Can you get the solution about this?
I find a system call VCC (Virtual Credit card). With VCC you can verified your paypal member and it is simple to widthdraw your money to your local bank. ( on indonesian is BCA, BNI, Mandiri, Niaga etc.)
I think it is good. to starting a business on internet. Cause waiting check from mercant and broker is very hard. So long to get the check ( almost have $100 to get check).
You can follow this link.

I know that link is a affiliate system. Yes, cause you can invited your friend to get verified on paypal, with nothing CC. And you can get 35% to be reseller. It is cheap if you think cheap. But it is expensive if you think expensive. Simple think about a business. with a little buck to start a big business I think fine.

So, want to join paypal? It depend of you think about business on internet.

So sorry about my english, hehe.. cause dont have an idea to write on my blog. This is just promote about paypal system and if you want to make a business on internet….
I will update this posting….. 🙂
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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