How to win a bid on freelance jobs

On internet there are many jobs from freelancer broker. Programmer, webmaster, writer, photographer and designer absolutely banner and logo specialist get the jobs from freelancer program.
But it is so not easy to win a job on freelancer broker.
Some broker like:
Getafreelancer on in the europe you can follow this link jobs Rent A code and etc.
All broker have high competitor.
So hoe to win a bid on that broker.
I have a little trick to win on Bid a jobs.
First.. Try to calculated you budget a month. Recommended to upgrade your account. Why? cause many off advertiser and project trust a paid member. They think to seriously personal to do their job.
Second.. Upgrade your profile. With trust community link and personal blog. Not paying domain and hosting is ok.
some project want to looking your activity on internet. And your community.
Third.. Trial win a little bid on project. downgrade your bid to increase report about your winning a jobs.
I think 5 until jobs first is good enough. After that you can upgrade the bid with high price..
I hope it is helping you to win a bid.
It is my experience getting affiliate and jobs on freelancer broker.

And Sorry about my english. 🙂

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