Globe Runner have google secret after Matt Cutts join

After  looking Matt Cutts and Bill Hartzer from Globe Runner. I very impressed cause now GR have the google secret. Can you image, Now Matt Cutts as Director of Search the SEO company. The man behind of google as head of Google’s Web Spam team, will join Globe Runner effective April 1, 2015.

matt_cutt_join_globe_runnerHe (MC), will be Director of Search Globe Runner. After working with google from engineer software, now as director seo company can you image, how much google metode will be hack by this optimizer search engine company.

If you have internet business, online or offline I think good to think get result from Globe Runner opportunity and service.


What happened with google? How substitute Matt Cutts? This year is hard to know will goggle move. Must learning more and listening very hard, on the jungle of internet marketing.

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