Dropping hosting and Loss your order (review or text link)

Some blogger don’t want to invest their money for take high performance hosting on their blog business. High risk data investment if data blog gone after server hosting drop or not establish. In indonesian language I make some advice to my friend. “Ide tentang bisnis internet” is my last idea to make your blog business running forever. Why? This is the point. You can image your order jobs with your blog. You get some review, some text link offer and other business system like PPC (Pay Per Click) or what ever your product selling system. My friend have an experience lossing his money after hosting drop. Some broker advertier don’t pay the order offer. I very terrible in business.
What is the best hosting? There are many best hosting on internet. I use some hosting on my blog business. But I recommended to you to use with your balance profit system. Cause I use servage, so I recommended to you to use that SERVAGE server hosting. 🙂
For web feature they have many facilities:

  • 510 GB Web Space – 510000 MB disk space at your disposal!
  • 5010 GB Transfer – Transfer 5 Terabyte per month!
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts – Access to the account for multiple persons with an individual FTP login.
  • 1000 MySQL Databases – You can choose between v. 4 and 5, as well as remotely accesible or not.

It is your choise to use what kind of hosting. Your business will grow up depend your idea and your job. You must remember about the basic off business. Opportunity, modal, do, fighting, and activity. Is it right? I hope.

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