Why you should have a page in internet

Some of my friends ask about, “Why I make a lot of page in internet?”. They ask about this cause want to make a page but confuse how to start and why make make in internet.

My answer is simple. “Because I want to”.

Now, if you working with computer and your smartphone, always you touch internet. You write someting in social media like facebook, whatsapp, telegram, line, BBM, path, google plus,twitter, instagram or what ever social media. You are not aware that you have made a page. Only comment. That is a single page. little work but it is single page.

Why you always comment? Just in my mine, sometime comment is only a word. I want to make more than comment, so people know what I think and what is in my mind.

So, I starting to make a blog. Ten years a go I make my first blog. write and write. And now some of them gone. But some still in internet. people can read my idea. They can use its. And may be can be a great idea in the future.

Now, smartphone is the amazing tools. You don’t need to be on your desk to write some of your idea. You can take a picture and make a video from that smart tools.

What is the best place to make a page. Until now, I think about google blogger facility. Cause if you have smartphone this model integrated with tour gmail android system. Yes, I use android as my favorite tools. Daily I can write in note. Editing and if I think that article will be usable for people I will upload in one of my blog. I chose the right category same idea with the specific blog.

My advice, try make a page on internet for your idea and write someting usable for other people. May be some day your idea will be come true and help other people.

Let’s start your page on internet.

Guide to become a writer of the article

You already know why it’s committed to the freedom of the writer. Now, it’s time for you to learn how to be the author of the paper making money. The following is a step by step.
1 There is a basic writing milestone
If the basic decay, certainly can enter will not be established. Therefore, in order for you to be the author of the article must understand the basic milestones of writing. What are the basic milestones of writing? Tonggaknya is read out.
Reading is a process, which will lead to your thinking world, and later constitute our writing style.
If you want to read, rest assured, the quality of writing will not increase, sehabat regardless of technology, what are you doing.
Since I started writing, reading books such as tutorials, motivation, psychology, and business are my everyday life. What are the results? The idea to write does not stop the flow. For example, this article has more than 1000 words count, all active access to write and read.
2 Improve your writing skills
To become a strong writer, you do not have enough to read. However, you still need to hone your writing skills. There is only one way to hone these skills, that is, writing and writing without stopping.
Discover what topics will be written, read the material related to the topic, write. Once you write it, edit it so that you get the quality of the article.
If you want to know a step by step to create a high quality article, please learn how to write an ebook Kang Youwei Yudiono how to write the quality of the article.
3 Ask your friend on the post.
What you need to do is to ask others to evaluate your writing before you can provide the service. If you don’t judge, don’t be discouraged just keep working and improve your writing. Don’t forget to ask any questions about your writing.
If the goal is to blog, ask the senior to evaluate your writing. When writing your production has begun to weigh, continue to be a blog.
4 Create your blog posts
Creating a blog is a must. Prior to the “selling” the author of the article, you should also set up your own blog, and then, fill it with your own writing. What is the point of blogging?
If a potential customer, or buy you ask, or would like to see you will never make these articles on the blog will be useful. If they like your writing, then they will make you as a writer.
If you don’t already know how to create a blog, see how to create a blog in Blogger and WordPress.
5 Promote the various parts
The next stage is the promotion of the article writing service event. There are also a number of websites that are strong enough to bring customers to the: example in Facebook group. How to sell the above website is very easy. Make your sales career portfolio by providing contact details. Also inform the advantage of using your article writing service advantage.
6 Create a client list
Customer satisfaction is the first. If you have already begun to receive orders, write the order of a complete, from the buyer, the key word (keyword), order and the period of a few.
7 Keep your writing true
Authenticity and writing quality are the main things that provide the service of writing articles. Although writing service makes you a lot, there is not one, the results of the copy and paste of the article. Remember, as soon as you commit fraud, your credibility will fall sharply.
8 Ask the testimony
Don’t forget to ask for proof of your client. This proves to be the most powerful marketing strategy because it can increase people’s confidence in your service.
9 Understand the basic knowledge of SEO
Since your blog posts are writing to provide services, you must also understand the names of SEO. You don’t have to go to study technology is complex, basically just to understand enough advance, such as keyword research and page optimization. Reading is also the main pillar of the 3 SEO.
10 In time
The submission of the article is not timely to the customer no obvious reason is a fatal mistake. Therefore, try to send the article at least one day before the deadline.
There are late, for example, that you are sick or have a disaster, it is the customer infomasikan. If they are not happy, they should maintain their own professional money.
As a freelance writers, you can try to make money, but not one of the strategies to quit my job. This strategy is simple, but you need to start working on it. Try it step by step I now describe the steps above. I am optimistic that you can become a writer of free articles, to make money.

Install PPC ads

Pay per click (PPC) is to make the money model according to the visitors click on the ads you posted on your blog. Indonesia’s most popular PPC provider blog two is Google AdSense and click items.
If you use this method, you don’t have to bother looking for an advertiser’s PPC provider to give it to you. You need it to be approved as a supplier partner after PPC is what to increase visitors and / or optimize the appearance and location of the ad, so you make more money.
You will receive an income that depends on the vendor PCC as invalid click. Repayment depends on the provisions of each supplier PCC. For example, Google’s AdSense within 21 days after the issuance of your income.
The main drawback of this approach is that you have to wait for a minimum amount or payment of time. After waiting for such a payment, you can be disabled because of your account lost income. The reason is that a variety of different, from the location of the invalid click advertising does not meet the terms and conditions of the supplier PCC.
In addition, one of my friends  generated more than 2000 AdSense $from Google. Indonesian blog every day visitors more than 25000 visitors.

How to become a writer

You like to write, want to make money from these activities? If that is the case, one of the ways is to become a freelance writer (freelance writer). In my opinion, the request (on demand) service will have enough high quality articles for writing, for not too much time to write, or to focus on developing their own blog to a new level who many blogs.
If you only know a free article writer, don’t worry. In this article, I will explain what you need to do to become a free essay writer. This strategy is not a theory, but a writer’s experience from a free article in the past 2 years.
I used the money from second jobs to finance my needs for public high school students (SMU). It looks interesting, isn’t it?
Let’s get started……
As a writer’s article six thanks to the 7 advantage
Prior to this strategy, I describe why you need to choose to be a freelance writer in advance. In my understanding, there are at least seven advantages that you will gain.
1 Flexibility time
The first reason is the flexibility (flexibility) of the time. You will not be able to timely reined in, so it can go home office, school in the afternoon, morning, after midnight or holiday work. In other words, the working hours are designed for your daily life.
However, this does not mean that you will be working. You must pay attention to the artukel delivery period by the consumer set. Therefore, in the management of intelligent time, try to send the article to the consumer before the deadline.
2 Flexibility point
Second, as a freelance writer, the writer has the advantage of local flexibility. There are signs that you need to work in an office without rules. You can write anywhere, such as in the open air, the coffee shop, the field room, the library, or the hotel.
Freelance writer
Of course, choose to adapt to the situation and your comfort. For example, if you like the idea of an open space is very easy to appear, you should only write in that place.
3 Know your website Blogger and famous
From a business point of view and acquaintance, to become a freelance writer, you can get to know some well-known blog or website owners. By understanding, of course, you can also learn a lot of things from them. For example, the right management, time management, resource management, business, and even how to get money from them.
According to its book 101 young CEO, one of the capital’s business is social capital. Social capital (capital acquaintance) will give you a free, scientific, or solution owned business problem.
4 Potential revenue
Writing is a skill, and it is expensive. If you do enthusiasm and sincerity, you can get tens of millions of rupees.
Every 100 S.D, said the blog post writing service, at this point in Indonesia’s price range from RS 3000 to RS 6000. Under normal circumstances, consumers will order at least 300 words of the article.
Let us count. Besides, your writing price is 3000 rupees every 100 words. If there are who and the number, to each article 20 700 words the quantity ordered blog posts, then you will get 42 million rupees (US $3000 x 7 x 20).
If you get 10 goals within a month, as the above picture? Of course, $4 million 200 thousand can be generated.
5 Now it is not necessary to quit the job
By becoming a free writers, you do not need to quit the job. For example, you are a civil servant (PNS). You can work in the evening after the article or dawn prayer. In essence, you can make money in your spare time.
6 Creative
Through active writing, because it requires creativity to write, you will be creative. The more you write, the more creative, and add keterampikan to your writing. Creativity and the professional knowledge, it is not likely, you will be famous writers, such as Andre hirata.
In addition, also prepared to help delay the aging of Alzheimer’s disease. Why? Because your brain will continue to hone and train.
7 Popular
Have you heard of Imam Ansari’s name? Why is he still famous for this day? Because of what he had created.
By becoming a writer of free articles, you are a group of writers. If you continue to develop, it is possible that you will be a famous writer.

Masa Indah Hidup dari Internet Online Marketing

Bila mengingat masa-masa itu. Sangat Indah, penuh dengan warna, sangat menyenangkan, dan terkadang kesepian. 🙂 . Hidup dari internet online marketing. Berteman dengan komputer dan ngobrol tanpa suara. Hanya bunyi tuts keybord komputer jadul yang terdengar merdu.

Ingat waktu dulu sangat senang dapat cek pertama dari google. Yang kemudian sibuk ke Bank cairin Western Union. Sekarang.. ihik.. account sudah di banned entah kenapa. Sekarang sedang membangun lagi agar Om google mau approve aplikasiku yang tak kunjung di approve. Entah karena di black list atau memang karena websitenya kurang bagus. Sepertinya karena memang masih sangat kurang bagus…. hehe..

check pertama dari google
check pertama dari google







Tapi itu dulu, sekarang… tidak beda jauh. Perlu perjuangan untuk kembali ke dunia WWW yang sangat penuh kompetisi. penuh dengan berjubel informasi. sampai-sampai sekarang bingung mau pilih yang mana.

Saat ini terasa sangat jauh ketinggalan. Banyak aplikasi baru, adanya android membuat blog harus responsive template. Belajar koding lagi dan sibuk mencari ide lagi. sampai-sampai tidak bisa tidur….

Dulu saking rajinnya sampai dapat ucapan selamat dai linkworth.

linkworth-letterTapi sekarang semua blog yang tidak terurus di sana di silang merah. No order..

Uihhhh.. ternyata menyisakan pekerjaan yang tidak akan berakhir untuk menghidupkan kembali blog-blog gratisan dan membutuhkan waktu yang banyak.

Seperti semboyan tidak ada makan siang gratis. Untuk memiliki bisnis di internet tidak juga gratis membutuhkan modal tenaga, pikiran, kepandaian, dan juga uang untuk bayar listrik dan koneksi internet.

Tetap semangat karena kita harus hidup.




What Is a Blogging Tory?

The time period Running a blog Tory refers to any one of many many authors affiliated with the conservative Canadian group generally known as The Running a blog Tories. At present, there are over 100 and fifty textual content-primarily based blogs related to the group, and there are new Running a blog Tories day-after-day. The Tories stand as an inspiring instance of a profitable on-line group the place the ever-growing numbers of affiliated members take pleasure in a fertile setting for dialogue and debate in regards to the concepts that form the face of Canada.
The vast majority of Tory bloggers do make political occasions and subjects the main target of their blogs, however not all the content material that a Running a blog Tory creates and publishes is overtly associated to the actions of the Canadian parliament or the prime minister. Though the neighborhood members have been introduced collectively by a shared conservative viewpoint, the truth that not all the postings on all the member’s blogs concentrate on political matters is among the most enjoyable issues in regards to the Running a blog Tories. On any given day, the principle web site’s blogroll could characteristic postings about Olympic medalists, a James Bond movie competition in Quebec, or a comical private expertise with a telemarketer. The concept having a political affiliation in frequent makes it doable to have a fruitful dialogue about different kinds of matters has fascinating implications for the way on-line communities are established and the way they develop.

The Right Blogging Platform For Your Needs

Choosing which blogging platform to use is one of the
most important decisions that you can make as a
blogger. The right platform can make blogging a
breeze, and the wrong platform can make blogging a
chore. Because the program that you use to blog with is
such a powerful part of your blogging experience, it is
well worth putting in the time to find a platform that
provides your ideal balance between a user-friendly
interface and a flexible framework that allows you to
make your blog look and feel unique. Finding the right
platform isn’t always easy, but with a little bit of
contemplation and a little bit of research, you will be on
your way to finding the perfect blogging platform.

Deciding what your priorities are in terms of ease of use
versus customization. Most highly customizable
blogging platforms, like moveable type, are a bit more
difficult to use than very automated platforms like
wordpress. If you are new to blogs and to internet
technology, you might want to sacrifice the ability to
create a custom background design or to integrate a
unique font into your template in order to find a
program that will be easy for you to use. On the other
hand, if you are a veteran web designer with knowledge
of html or javascript, you will probably find the
limitations of a user-friendly platform to be frustrating.

There is no such thing as a blogging platform that is
objectively the best platform, because every blogger has
unique needs. The blogging movement is very much
about individuality, so it makes plenty of sense that
there would be many different platforms available that
are designed to meet the needs of different kinds of
individuals undertaking different kinds of projects. This
diversity is a good thing, because it means that you will
almost certainly be able to find a program that suits
your level of technical aptitude.

However, the fact that no two bloggers need the same
thing from a blogging platform can make your search
for the right platform a bit tricky. When you are reading
reviews of different platforms, try to keep your
priorities in mind and do your best to take into account
the position that the reviewer is coming from. For
example, a negative review written by an accomplished
software designer who complains that a popular
platform is too limited may tell you that the platform in
question is ideal for a beginning blogger. There is no
such thing as the perfect platform for everybody, so
instead of looking for the “best” platform, look for the
best platform for your specific criteria.

The Pros and Cons of Video Blogging

Video blogging has a lot of advantages over text-based
blogging, and it is little wonder that this new
technology is catching on all over the globe. Video
blogs very effectively grab the attention of web surfers,
and people are much more likely to become excited
about the dynamic content of a video blog than they are
likely to find a written posting very thrilling. The more
enthusiastic viewers are about a site, the quicker the
word of mouth spreads, and the more traffic the site will

Of course, there are plenty of disadvantages to video
blogging as well. Hosting a v-blog requires quite a bit
of server space, which can make it difficult to get
started. It takes more time to process and upload a video
file than it does to dash off a quick bit of text, which
means that running and updating a video blog can be
quite a bit of work. In addition, web surfers sometimes
grow frustrated with the slow loading times of the files
on many video blogs. Whether you opt for a video blog
or not depends on what kind of subject matter you want
to cover, and how much time you can devote to video
blogging. Before you decide to pursue a video blog,
consider if there is an easier way for you to get your
message across.

The Definition of Blogging

The definition of blogging is something that is very
much in flux, as the new technologies that appear every
day redefine what a blog is, what a blog can be, and
what a blog should do. For many years, blogs were
defined as text-based websites that kept records of days,
similar to a captain’s log on a sailing ship. However,
this started to change as the group of people who kept
blogs became more diverse. The more bloggers began
to explore the limits of the medium and of the
technology that made it possible, the more the
boundaries of what could be called a “blog” expanded.

Today, there are an abundance of photo blogs, and there
are even video blogs as well. Mobile blogging devices
may well change the definition of blogging entirely by
making it possible for bloggers to create new kinds of
posts. Another element of the blogosphere that is
starting to redefine blogging is the corporate blog. As
more companies hire writers to keep blogs with the sole
purpose of creating positive buzz about their brand,
bloggers across the globe are arguing about whether
these manufactured blogs are really worthy of the name.
Between all of these different forces that are constantly
expanding and reshaping the blogosphere, it is difficult
to imagine that the definition of what is and is not a
blog will ever remain fixed for very long.