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Pay per click (PPC) is to make the money model according to the visitors click on the ads you posted on your blog. Indonesia’s most popular PPC provider blog two is Google AdSense and click items.
If you use this method, you don’t have to bother looking for an advertiser’s PPC provider to give it to you. You need it to be approved as a supplier partner after PPC is what to increase visitors and / or optimize the appearance and location of the ad, so you make more money.
You will receive an income that depends on the vendor PCC as invalid click. Repayment depends on the provisions of each supplier PCC. For example, Google’s AdSense within 21 days after the issuance of your income.
The main drawback of this approach is that you have to wait for a minimum amount or payment of time. After waiting for such a payment, you can be disabled because of your account lost income. The reason is that a variety of different, from the location of the invalid click advertising does not meet the terms and conditions of the supplier PCC.
In addition, one of my friends  generated more than 2000 AdSense $from Google. Indonesian blog every day visitors more than 25000 visitors.

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